The Cost Of Losing The Quantum Advantage

Quantum computing is a paradigm shift in the world of cryptology, as well as major impact across many industries.  Imagine being able to sequence different medications in fighting cancer and its effect, instantaneously.

What if you could take the monte carlo simulation and put it on steroids to in effect, have more combinations and what if scenarios done in minutes that previously took days. Now, what if you woke up Monday morning and checked your banking mobile app, to find all your money gone. At the same time, the news channel flashes crisis that all of Bank America or any bank has been hacked to the point that all depositors are cashless.

Both good and bad, Quantum will have a major impact on our lives, both directly and indirectly.  On the more ominous side, we need to be prepared for it and be able to meet is abilities, while securing our current way of life. Preparing for the impacts require meeting this challenge head-on.

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